Design Academy Eindhoven - Bachelor of Design

1. Application
I would like to apply for the Bachelor of Design Programme (HBO-bachelor Vormgeving CROHO 39111)

2. Personal information

Make sure you upload a picture wich is the same as your passport photo (or has the same restrictions) All other photos won't be accepted.

Make sure you upload a picture which is a valid ID (passport or ID card). All other pictures won't be accepted

I qualify for extra assistence due to a (sort of) disability
(For example: dyslexia, ADHD, chronic illness, autism, physical disabilities, depression, etc.)

3. Previous education

I would like to request for a secondary registration (in Dutch: 2e inschrijving); which allows me to study at another Dutch higher education (HBO/WO) institute simultaneously. Please note that a secondary registration has to be approved by DAE, and that it means that you need to be available for full time study.

4. General questions

5. How did you hear about Design Academy Eindhoven?

student counsellor
(former) students
relatives / family
advertisements / magazines
DAE website
DAE open house
DAE Graduation Show
DAE information at school
Salone del mobile Milano
other, namely

6. Application checklist

I read the information about the admission procedure on the DAE website:
  • Application is completed only after you hit "Send application"
  • When we have received your application we will send you a confirmation e-mail
  • Next we will send you a PDF of your application form with the date + time of your interview
  • Please make a copy of that PDF, sign it and bring it with you to your interview